Monday, May 31, 2010

Tegomass - Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagamete okure
(The night will show you her stars)

You were the only one to say to love
my back while going up the bridge's stairs.
Holding my hand, playing jokes to me,
I miss that time when you smiled showing your teeth.

You're not to my side anymore.
This is so weird,
isn't it?
I was so happy, right now
I realize that I was really happy because you were there.

If one day I'll die
the night will show you her stars.
Aren't they laughing? That it's me.
Please laugh with me,
see? It's not so sad.

We took our passports wanting to go abroad
but just doing that satisfied us.
"Let's go together to see the Sahara in Africa"
We talked like that laughing like crazy, that time.

"I can't live alone"
Please don't say such things,
I want a future laughing by your side
because that smile it's the only thing that makes me happy.

If one day I'll die
the night will show you her stars.
Aren't they laughing? That it's me.
Please laugh with me,
see? It's not so sad.

It's not that our ways were parted
So that you will hear
I'll sing your guidance.

Even if I'll die tomorrow
don't cry, look up to the sky.
Isn't it laughing? That it's me.
Right, I'm here
just by your side.

If one day I'll die
the night will show you her stars.
Aren't they laughing? That it's me.
Please laugh with me,
see? It's not so sad.

Friday, May 28, 2010

heading back to Kota Kinabalu soon. Home! here i come. tadaima ;p

Monday, May 24, 2010

fever T_T

Done with my second paper today. Glad. I don't know how my answer is but hope I already do the best because I already try my best. Tomorrow is the third paper and it will be about "Politic and Government". I hope I manage to answer it too. Hope so. Then at Wednesday is my killer paper, "Anatomy and Physiology". Since I'm not really good in Biology so I really have to mention that I really scare if I fail for this paper. Minna (everyone) ! Pray for me. *wink. But still I hope I can answer it. My exam will be end on Thursday evening. That great. So, let countdown with me. It gonna raining soon. Bye. Have to go on with my revision. Till then, Love Yourself ^^.

p/s: Looking forward for KAT-TUN new album at June, "No More Pain" v(^^)v. Love you

Sunday, May 23, 2010

4 paper more to go and i feel so excited to back home. not homesick. just want to back home ;p.
ja minna..! imei gambarimasu ^^

Watch "Akademi Fantasia 8" finale last night. I love all the new song. Fall easily ne. (laugh) ^^.
Congratulation for all. I think all are the winner. Omedetoo ^^

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


~here we go..~
~before the semester 3 is over..~
~i need to through this exam week..~
~wonderful.. ^^~
~i can do it..~
~just to make myself feel better ^^~
~pray for me.. ^^~

Monday, May 17, 2010

~the ♥ sign~

I know sooner or later I need to buy a new notebook to replace the old one that I have now. But I still did not looking forward for it for now. But last night something happen and it really got my nerves. I had experience the blue screen before and just need to re-format my Kyohei to settle it down even I lost most of my precious stuff that time. But still my Kyohei healthy again. That is the most important one. Last night, I really feel like a heart attack. Gladly I don't have that killer illness. It give sign long long time ago before it turn bad last night. Feel want to cry because it was raining at the same time. OK. Straight to the point. My laptop, Kyohei got his first white screen attack last night. I felt it can't be save at first. But gladly after try to restart it again and again it be fine. But, as the heart attack and asthma attack or so on, it will happen again right? I can't predict when right? Just really hope it not gonna happen for this couple of weeks. Or else I really can't concentrate on my exam. Please stay healthy and be strong Kyohei. I'm not a good owner but still nothing gonna make me hate you. Love you.


Hope my laptop can understand that. Time to move on with my notes. Please stay healthy and give me sign when the 2nd attack will come so I can rest you down. Love. Hug and Kiss ^^.

Dear Kyohei,

Please be with me until I graduate. Even I hope it forever but I'm not the good owner that can care you for that long. Hontouni gomenasai.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

why they call me Kazu? Because of him ^^

I'm not really prepare to answer my 5 upcoming paper this week and next week. But I'm really in eager to back home next week. Can't wait and I'm countdown for that. Not like I have homesick just I need some new air to breath with and to be home is the best way ever. Wish me luck for my paper OK.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

~a love to give~

this is a true story
about several people
who meet each other accidentally
without any doubt
and become close
decide to be a family
even it not with blood relation
still the chemistry become strong
day by day
some people doesn't believe it
but for those people
they are one
and all the tears and laugh
are mean to share

love my virtual family
  • Akaben Family
  • Bakabaka Family
  • Tenshi Family
But nothing compare with the family that I have here in my real life.
Love You All