Monday, May 24, 2010

fever T_T

Done with my second paper today. Glad. I don't know how my answer is but hope I already do the best because I already try my best. Tomorrow is the third paper and it will be about "Politic and Government". I hope I manage to answer it too. Hope so. Then at Wednesday is my killer paper, "Anatomy and Physiology". Since I'm not really good in Biology so I really have to mention that I really scare if I fail for this paper. Minna (everyone) ! Pray for me. *wink. But still I hope I can answer it. My exam will be end on Thursday evening. That great. So, let countdown with me. It gonna raining soon. Bye. Have to go on with my revision. Till then, Love Yourself ^^.

p/s: Looking forward for KAT-TUN new album at June, "No More Pain" v(^^)v. Love you


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