Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~world cup 2010 fever~

Let countdown together. The FIFA World Cup 2010 is already around the corner. We can see the advertisement everywhere. From television until the brands that sales at the market. Everything show up about world cup. It seem really a huge celebration all over the world especially for those who really into soccer. I'm not really football (as Malaysian know it as) or soccer fan but I do can't wait to see the celebration. Of course I have my own favorite team. Fall for this team since World Cup 2002. I not really understand with the rules but still feel a bit of nervous to watch them play. It kind of a fun sport and tournament for me to watch. So, support your favorite team as I support mine. Peace v(^^)v and no war.

vote for Japan team


  1. naz said...
    more for korea yaww
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~my friend choose korea also..~
    ~but they dun know the player.. ^^~
    prasasti_puteri said...

    ~gud luck for korea anyway..~
    ~aja aja fighting.. ^^~

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