Saturday, July 24, 2010

Message: CSI premieres on Thursday, Sept 23rd on CBS...and I told you I was a BAD MAN!! -

~hope i can catch that episode since it will be air at differ time here~

credit to: justin bieber ^^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~whatever happen, doesn't mean it will over~
私はいつも彼ら をサポートします。特に私の一番、私の兄。

Jin Akanishi --> don't worry ne

Akanishi-kun said in June 2010 (WINK UP Magazine):

"There might be people who felt lonely about the whole thing, but going to America for lives doesn't mean I'll be gone. I myself don't want this chance to escape... I just really want to focus on such a chance right now. So please, don't say "he's not coming back."

Sunday, July 18, 2010


yesterday, i felt really shocked when i knew about that news. Jin Akanishi will leave KAT-TUN because of his focus on build up his career at Europe. Even it will not be true until the end of fall, but still it a quiet shocked. Watch Kamenashi said they will be fine because they already use to this situation make me think maybe they already predict that this matter will happen sooner or later. KAT-TUN is still KAT-TUN no matter what, said Kamenashi. I can't wait to know what Jin Akanishi said about this. To separate Jin Akanishi singing part to fit with 5 person is hard but they did it great in Tokyo Dome concert at 16 July. Whatever that will happen, I will support each one of them.

KAT-TUN at KoreaJin Akanishi at LA concert


p/s: a lot of petition in web and twitter that don't want Jin Akanishi to leave. but I hope I will hear about Jin Akanishi opinion soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

to all my dearest friend in PISMP January 2010 intake, happy 3rd anniversary. 2 years more and we will be ready to enter the work world.

people talk crazy thing that you never can understand
people start to do something that you find very unacceptable
people try to stay away from something that you think they should face it
people make other person life become messy and you think they should beware
people make you believe everything that you do will have the sequences
people make you think life isn't like a bed of roses
people that always take revenge make you think they should be vanished

see people react and act with they life make you think too much
but if you are better enough to take and learn
you will not do the same like they did to others


too many ways to show your love
too many ways to fall in love
too many ways to break it
too many ways to find the love
too many ways that you can't predict ever
love just like that
something that you can feel
but suddenly you can't understand it
something that make you comfortable
but sometime it make you feel worst
love is vary to every person
perhaps there are another story of love
in every chapter of each person life
love is unconditional
maybe you will find it somewhere you never imagine
and the love is someone that you never realize
or love just depend on how define it
in the meantime
love yourself

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  1. 12 July. World Cup 201o final. Spain won it. Congratulation.
  2. Send my art works. It really a mess. Will upload the picture later. Maybe? ;p
  3. Have another art tasks but I guess it gonna be more fan.
  4. Very tired because of the tight schedule.
  5. Allowance still not enter to my account *sigh
  6. Looking forward to buy a new external
  7. Still thinking where I should do my final School Based Experience *thinking mode
  8. Is feel sleepy and tired right now. Bye
Still have a lot to say. But like Chii said to me: "My mind is blank now" Look like it same goes to me. Bye. Will talk more again later.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ottokhae? nan mollaso T_T

don't know how to master art.

and the tasks are killing me slowly T_T

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I believe his fan all over the world are celebrating his birthday now. That is how J-fan lover show they appreciation to they idol beside buy the stuff. But for me, I can't do that. Who gonna celebrate other person birthday alone? *wink. Maybe I will, but not today ^^.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 26th to Jin Akanishi.
Hope you will achieve your dream.
Thank you to always inspire me to do the best.
Thank you to make me believe that I should struggle to make my dream come true.
Hope to meet you one day ^^

お誕生日おめでとうございます ^^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I watched the show and the backstage interview. I also heard that they also go to the other Korea TV show. But, it will not show up at KBS World Malaysia. *sigh. Just hope someone will upload something about it at Youtube. I bet Jin will not be with them since Jin will be busy for his next concert at Europe. But still I hope Jin will be with one or two of the Asia Tour concert even I can't go to any of it.

They sang D-motion in that Mnet Countdown show. Really awesome. They manage to re-arrange everything even without Jin Akanishi. I bet it hard but they make it. Love KAT-TUN forever ^^