Sunday, July 18, 2010


yesterday, i felt really shocked when i knew about that news. Jin Akanishi will leave KAT-TUN because of his focus on build up his career at Europe. Even it will not be true until the end of fall, but still it a quiet shocked. Watch Kamenashi said they will be fine because they already use to this situation make me think maybe they already predict that this matter will happen sooner or later. KAT-TUN is still KAT-TUN no matter what, said Kamenashi. I can't wait to know what Jin Akanishi said about this. To separate Jin Akanishi singing part to fit with 5 person is hard but they did it great in Tokyo Dome concert at 16 July. Whatever that will happen, I will support each one of them.

KAT-TUN at KoreaJin Akanishi at LA concert


p/s: a lot of petition in web and twitter that don't want Jin Akanishi to leave. but I hope I will hear about Jin Akanishi opinion soon.


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