Monday, September 13, 2010

"overboard" in the air

my new room? (laughing)

♫I’m overboard and I need your love
Pull me up
I cant swim on my own
Its to much
Feels like I’m drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me
My life saver
Life saver
Oh life saver
My life saver
Life saver
Oh life saver oh wow♪

i love this song so much.
listen to it again and again now.
justin bieber fever?
but love the lyric so much.

done with happy-no-worry time now
it is time to do my assignment
suddenly got terrible headache
many lesson planning to be done
and more report to do
hope i can make it

trending at twitter is fun
i enjoy it last night
got many new friend
thank you for #jinakanishi trending

sing along with me ^^

till then,

love yourself


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