Sunday, October 31, 2010

my twin, maruchi ^^

Finally, I come again here to fulfill my writing passion ^^. Do I really have the writing passion? I don't know. OK. November finally come. Exam tense is around the corner. Perhaps I still need more time to relax. But the clock still 'tik tok' non-stop. It mean no time to play around. Must stick with notes and so on. Maybe I should be hiatus in Facebook too ^^. Well, hope I can. So, maybe I will just blogging to make my mind relax and out for a while from the facts-notes chamber. ^^

time to date with BOOKS ;3

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i know, i rarely do blogging now. mind blocking maybe. yup! it always happen lately. want to write something but i end up with nothing. perhaps i really need something to make my mind think smoothly.

well, i feel bad because i'm late to pre-order KAT-TUN upcoming new albums and i can't wait for WESTLIFE album to release.

exam will coming soon and i absolutely sure i'm not ready yet. i hope i will start to do my revision soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

finally, come here to do some update. it already been a while i not posting anything here. seem like i live invisible (laugh) never mind. randomly added.

1. looking forward for Sport Weeks
2. exam is around the corner
3. holiday! yippee ^^

well, i managed to settle down a few thing in my wanted list and i'm glad that i can have it.
more update later.

love you all ^^