Sunday, November 21, 2010

almost to the finale

I use to be hardly update and upload anything here lately. My ameblo also a mess now. Vox? I never visit it anymore. But the blog of Vox are still exist with just 3 post ><. I'm a bad blogger. I should admit it. Just not that I'm lazy, writer always face the mind block sometime right? And so do I. So today, I will upload some pictures of the event at my college ^^

p/s: for some reason, I don't like my came
ra now because of the lighting thing ><

backdropthe souvenir3 musketeer? LOL. They are BFF ^^Congratulation Miss ZatiCongratulation Miss Ainpicture of the day ^^

finally, done. And we are done for the Second year of degree already. 2 years more to go. I'm gonna miss all the moment that we share together


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