Friday, November 26, 2010

~i am truly me~

I just realize I talk too much in blog lately. In conclusion for all my blog. I can talk about different thing at different blog everyday. Something wrong with my personality? Or my mind? What we call that? Do I need to do some research about it? Or will I have trouble from it? I bet too much leisure time make me thinking too much. Maybe. What I suppose to do now? I'm pretty sure that I already differentiate myself to into many character which when I combine all of it, that character will be me. I guess. Or do I really into that character? Did I create a character coincidentally without realizing that it will be too far like this. More question to answer when I try to find the answer. Question in question. It never stop. The question grow up. Still it will never find the conclusion since people live with curiosity. Is the curiosity a good thing or bad thing for human being? Maybe it depend on what the matter is right? Well, I should stop thinking right now before my mind explode [imagination beyond reality ;p]

*I just talking to myself nowadays. No one will read my post. So it will be fine for me to make some noise here right?


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