Saturday, November 6, 2010

ah! suddenly wish I can see stars sparkling from the sky today. Where are you my shining star?

☆☆☆☆☆ --> blink blink ^^

It already raining season now. Cold weather. I wonder if I can take the cold at the 4 season country. Yeah! Dreaming again ;p. Still have 4 paper for this exam and I wonder if I really already study hard for this exam. "Oh! Yue, please wake up..!!"

OK! I'm already wake up. *sigh. Don't have any idea to make this entry as long conversation with myself. Like my virtual twin said, "Speechless mode disease" I wonder if we do really have that disease in this world. I hope it is not very dangerous.

Many thing happen around the world today. Flood season as usual at Peninsular Malaysia. Be careful OK.

Volcano thing, earthquakes and tsunami at our neighbor country. Hope all of you will be fine and be strong.

Till then, keep moving on and love yourself ^^


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