Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~namja la la la ^^~

what I like being a fan is when the idol inspiring me. Today, I will present my yeobo who is hanguk saram --> lee seun gi imnida ^^

source is from here

… as told by a school hoobae

This hoobae goes to the same school, and took the same class with SeungGi once. He doesn’t know SeungGi very well (only got one autograph from him), but he’s friends with one of SeungGi’s friends, and that’s his source of information.

SeungGi is usually interested in going to the MTs, but unfortunately he can’t. He does go to the department office (or some meetings?) a lot, and he eats at the school cafeteria quite often. He’s also been to some bars near the campus for some drinks. To avoid the crowds during breaks, he would usually go to his car for some snacks with friends. He used to drive a Hyundai Sonata, but he’s bought a new car.

He really attends his classes well. He’s very nice, smart (with good grades) and modest. In real person, he has a small face, he’s very tall and very easy to spot in a crowd.

His professor/advisor has a similar name, Hong SeungGi, and is very cool.

According to another dclsg fan, the car SeungGi was driving might be his dad’s car. His van usually drops him off outside the school gate, and he would walk to his classes.

source: dclsg, yaoyaoyufei @ china cafe


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