Monday, November 29, 2010

~play ameba pico~

Ameba pico is a game that originated from a Japan blog call ameblo. [I don't play pico with my ameblo account] But now we can play it in Facebook. Sometime it will be fun but you need to spend time a lot there. For those who not start to play it yet, just give a start. Who know, maybe you will love it. ^^Last Friday, I be a pirate. After accomplished with 9 stage of test [refer to what the captain said] Love the custume that I got after finished the 9 stage.

I should post picture here now. But not in mood to transfer it from memory card. LOL. Maybe tomorrow I will. I think I already have plan what to do and how to spend my very leisure time right now. I plan to update this blog before and ameblo blog also everyday. But since I start to addict with tumblr *wink. So I spend lot of time there. It kind of fun sometime. Just to relax your mind and so on. Well, it time for me to hit the sack now. Bye. Oyasumi.

By the way, wish Taguchi Junnosuke HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^

I make a fan video. But, since I don't have youtube account [which I decide to make one later] I post it somewhere which just some people know it. *wink

let play another photo shoot tomorrow XD


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