Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thinking mode again

Lately, I think I should remove my Chat Box because most of the senders is someone who own the blog about something that I'm not interest with. No offense but I just don't know how to respond with those thing. But now I guess I will just leave it there. Nothing gonna happen with my blog if I let it there right?

Since I already at home now. I really need to find something to do because I feel bored to do the same thing again and again every day. I decide to think of going somewhere but the common question always pop out. [let just myself know about it ;p] *ah! I should renew my ATM card again.

I'm penniless now. Feel like almost broke. I have so much thing to own in my mind. But just can keep it quiet. I can't ask for my parent to buy it for me because I guess I will feel more satisfy if I use my own money to fulfill my own dream. So, here we go --> Budget for 2O11

Now, almost everyone are here already. At home. Just my sister that still struggle with her paper until December now. Hwaiting! So, I can't wait to gather again which is I know one day it will be hard to gather like this. Yah..! When people will have they own life. Everything that they use to do before will be just a memory. And this will be the sweet memories to treasure all life long.

I have a lot of e-novel to read. But still consider to read back all Harry Potter novel. Can I say that I'm more to Harry Potter generation rather than Twilight? Even Cedric is who Edward before. Someone kill him in Harry Potter and make him become a vampire. Not just an ordinary vampire. But he is the popular and most wanted one. See. Everybody have they own fate. Just wait for the right moment to come. In the mean time, just stay struggle and keep on dreaming. Be a dreamer will not kill you if you willing yourself to work hard for it and not just let it be in your list without any effort.

I guess I don't have writer's block today because I typing a lot. Congratulation to me. I hope I will write more and more again. This is my life and I treasure it a lot


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