Monday, December 6, 2010

I just don't realize that I love photographing so much since I was a little. But maybe because lack of knowledge about this thing, I just decided to addict with it pretty late. At least better than never right? Looking back to all the picture that I have been took before, I really amaze on how I really adore all the view around me. Of course that time was when using film camera are the most popular one. I do wish I have someone that will courage me to love it more than as hobby before rather than said I just wasting money. Maybe that kind of thinking make me believe that I should not do this and that before especially when we need to deal with money. But then, as I grow up I realize that opportunity will never come always. So, I start to deal with my money and ignoring whoever said that I just wasting my money. I like this sentence that I got from a movie which I forgot what the tittle are "we can choose obsession, but sometime obsession will choose us". So, I'm in love with photographing even I'm not good with it. But still learning process really make me content and I feel some excitement from it. It is better than do something bad right? ^^

p/s: my dad said I better use the film camera that I use to before rather than my lomo but yeah I have the problem to find a better shop around here to publish my film. So, still waiting for the result which I'm not expecting to0 much from it Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish I manage to make something right

Friday, December 3, 2010

People somehow will have they own fear. If someone have told you that they never fear of anything, don't believe them. Because it is a lie. People without fear are almost impossible. I'm just a normal person too and for sure I do will feel the fear. But this is not what you will talk about your fear but the most important thing is how you deal with your own fear? Do you ever think about this before? I bet you do and you already do something to deal with your own fear. But just maybe you don't realize it. Well, how do we know everything about the fear if no people success to go through and fight with they fear? So, maybe we should do something to feel that we deserve to live without fear. Talk to other will make you feel more comfortable, be a supportive person and don't judge people easily. People already have to deal with they own life and that is already enough. Be a good helping hand to the other sometime will help you to cope with your fear feeling too. Well, it is good to do something rather than nothing right? Just make sure it is in positive way.

*sigh --> my grammar is very bad

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So, as a new student, I must preparing myself right? Here we go. Some revision that I have done

Harry Potter Spells And Uses

A spell to bring an object back into your hand. It can be used to bring a certain object, such as in Accio Butterbeer.

This spell opens a locked or closed door. The opposite of this is Colloportus.

Avada Kedevra
One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this spell causes death.

This spell locks a door shut. Hermoine uses this to cover their escape at the end of Book 5.

One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this spell is the Cruciatus Curse and causes great pain. Umbridge tries to cast this on Harry at the end of Book 5.

The spell used to rip open tapestries and such. Used quite a bit in the computer game based on Book 2.

Expecto Patronum
This spell creates a silvery protective creature, a patronus. Harry’s patronus is a stag; Cho’s is a swan. Hermoine has an Otter.

One of the more simple spells, and the first spell that the D.A. group works on in Book 5. This disarms your opponent.

A spell to cancel the effects of another spell. Lupin uses it on Neville to get him to stop dancing at the end of book 5.

A form of fire spell, Hermoine uses this to mark an “X” on doors in the Mysteries area in book 5.

A simple spell that flips something over.

This spell causes a person to freeze for about a minute.

One of the three Unforgivable Curses, this allows a wizard to take total control of another person.

A spell to cause an invisible wall to form. Quidditch players use this to keep the rain off their faces at times.

Umbridge tries this on the centaurs in book 5 - to wrap ropes around them - but the centaurs easily shake them off.

A spell to cause a fire to burn.

A spell to extract memories and feelings from another person, to in essence look through the memories another has.

A nonverbal spell to hang a person in the air by one ankle.

The locomotor spell causes something to move in a given direction. For example, to move trunks along with you, you would command Locomotor trunks. To cause someone to freeze stiff, you use Locomotor mortis.

This spell causes the wand tips to glow and give off light.

A dark spell that causes a dark mark - the sign of Voldemort - to appear.

A spell that fills the ears of anyone nearby with buzzing, so that conversations are not overheard.

A spell to cause darkness, the opposite of Lumos. Interestingly, the name of a fun computer RPG.

A memory erasing charm that Professor Lockhart was extremely fond of.

Petrificus Totalis
A spell to cause someone to freeze completely. It seems there are several different spells that cause this same effect :)

The portus spell creates a portkey that allows people to move from one destination to another easily.

A spell of protection, to ward off magical attack. Harry uses this at the end of Book 5 to keep a sphere that another is casting “Accio” on.

An assault spell, reducto causes damage to what it is fired at. The students use Reducto to blow apart bookshelves at the end of Book 5.

A simple spell to repair an object that is broken.

An anti-boggart spell, that causes the boggart’s scary shape-changing ability to be mediated. Mrs. Weasley has trouble with this one at the beginning of Book 5 when a boggart torments her with sights of her family dead.

A cleaning spell, James uses this on Snape when they are young to clean Snape’s mouth out with soap.

A spell to cause something (or someone) to become silent. As Hermoine instructs Ron, this spell is done with a sharp jab of the wand, not a wave.

This spell should freeze an object in place, but when Umbridge tries to use it on an escapee firework, it explodes instead.

A Death eater uses this dance-causing spell on Neville during the final battle in Book 5.

Wingardium Leviosa
Harry uses this to levitate tentacles away from him at the end of book 5.

p/s: I wish I will be in Gryfindor ^^LOL. Don't take anything seriously from here. Except for the spell ^^