Friday, December 3, 2010

~deal with fear~

People somehow will have they own fear. If someone have told you that they never fear of anything, don't believe them. Because it is a lie. People without fear are almost impossible. I'm just a normal person too and for sure I do will feel the fear. But this is not what you will talk about your fear but the most important thing is how you deal with your own fear? Do you ever think about this before? I bet you do and you already do something to deal with your own fear. But just maybe you don't realize it. Well, how do we know everything about the fear if no people success to go through and fight with they fear? So, maybe we should do something to feel that we deserve to live without fear. Talk to other will make you feel more comfortable, be a supportive person and don't judge people easily. People already have to deal with they own life and that is already enough. Be a good helping hand to the other sometime will help you to cope with your fear feeling too. Well, it is good to do something rather than nothing right? Just make sure it is in positive way.

*sigh --> my grammar is very bad


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