Monday, December 6, 2010

I just don't realize that I love photographing so much since I was a little. But maybe because lack of knowledge about this thing, I just decided to addict with it pretty late. At least better than never right? Looking back to all the picture that I have been took before, I really amaze on how I really adore all the view around me. Of course that time was when using film camera are the most popular one. I do wish I have someone that will courage me to love it more than as hobby before rather than said I just wasting money. Maybe that kind of thinking make me believe that I should not do this and that before especially when we need to deal with money. But then, as I grow up I realize that opportunity will never come always. So, I start to deal with my money and ignoring whoever said that I just wasting my money. I like this sentence that I got from a movie which I forgot what the tittle are "we can choose obsession, but sometime obsession will choose us". So, I'm in love with photographing even I'm not good with it. But still learning process really make me content and I feel some excitement from it. It is better than do something bad right? ^^

p/s: my dad said I better use the film camera that I use to before rather than my lomo but yeah I have the problem to find a better shop around here to publish my film. So, still waiting for the result which I'm not expecting to0 much from it Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*)


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