Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I miss the moment when we see something attractive and catch our attention and think that the stuff that we really want to have. I do hope I can do it now but the "be responsible with your spending and budget" in me always make me think twice or more than twice now. Still, I do have the time when I don't want to think too much with "what if?" question. Grabbing something that appear at the first sight sometime make you feel satisfied with the walk-alone-searching-for-something-without-make-a-long-list day. At the same time we still need to work out on the budget so we will not buy anything unnecessary. I love to buy thing not based on the brand and so on. I love to buy something that I can make 2 or 3 style just from one item. I know I am not very full style or whatever we call it but I love how I dress up myself and make sure I comfortable with what I wear. Ah! I'm looking forward for the fur jacket and boots. LOL. Hope I can find it somewhere here.


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