Sunday, February 20, 2011

life is hard

bring it on! ^^

nothing much to say since I feel that my writing passion really being block. There is a gap that I can't see. There is a big wall that I can't touch. I don't know.

February already near to the end. Can say that I'm busy lately. Go to the field almost every day. Not that I'm an athlete but that mean no more evening nap for me XD. Feel like I don't have enough rest lately and of course I can't online always like 24 hours non-stop right now.

March is coming and that mean my practicum weeks will coming soon too. I wonder if I manage to do it well. I don't have this "I believe I can do it" feeling in me right now. But who know how it will turn to be later right? ^^

Time to do assignment now. Will try to be here always.