Friday, May 20, 2011

I am busted

who is he? he is my brother ^___^

So today, while talking to my brother in somewhere on social network. Suddenly he ask about a url. He said: "Is this your blog [with my url there]" and I said: "Yes, I am. How can you know that? And where did you got this?". He said he got the link from a friend and I don't want to ask much. Yeah! I miss the moment when we met and become friend here. Be close day by day. I treasure it all.

Thank you for this bro ---> " im kinda happy waking up my past memories haha"

Here we go..! I'm proud to call you as my Bro. One and only. Kazu is here and will always support you. Good luck with your shooting..! Budapest always rain now right? Just take care there. CIAO. [I want to use the horse that you use in the shooting ne ^________^]


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