Tuesday, May 10, 2011

updating: all in one

1st May

I know it was Labour Day celebration all over the world. But it also was my little brother. One and only boy in our siblings birthday. Happy Birthday boy..!! Oh, wrong. Jojo. Sweet 13 and be happy always.

8th May

Tell me! Tell me! What is it? What happened on that day? True! True! You are right. It was celebration for Mother's Day all over the world. Happy Mother's to my mom, auntie and all my friends that already become mother. I love you all.

Exam will coming soon. As always, it get my nerve. Who not? Right? I am just a normal person. Obviously I will feel nervous. Don't worry too much Yue. Still have time to do revision. I hope so. Love lots. I know I barely come to update nowadays. Who cares, right? Well, I care..! XD

Love Yourself and Congratulation to Jin Akanishi because Yellow Gold Tour DVD got Number 1 in Weekly Chart and being able to cast on 47 Ronin. Just take care there OK.


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