Friday, September 16, 2011

outing again

Have no money but still go out. Weird me. I'm not go out for nothing. Try to find a plug to charge my table lamp. Finally I found it at Parkwell. So searching is over..! After that just wandering around and yeah as usual, buy one or two unnecessary thing ==! Bad habit XD

16 September is Malaysia birthday because this is the date when Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak become Malaysia. Once again, Happy Malaysia Day and as a good citizen we must try to appreciate what our ancestor have done to make what us today.

Peace No War.

Thursday, September 15, 2011



waiting face

Suddenly there was announcement about fogging thing and when I looked at my mobile clock, it was almost 6pm already. Feel it so nonsense but since order is an order so me and my roommate decide to go out from hostel and be in front of our hostel. Fogging start as soon as we want to go out from our room. Nahhhh..! MR That Hold Fogging we are not mosquitoes..! XD

Fogging time. Guess it was beautiful scenery.

I hate to smell the hazard. I was sneezing non-stop for hours after that. But still, the mosquitoes was really stubborn. They still flew every where at night.

spell B.U.S.Y

74% of me? LOL

I am updating my blog with WiFi..! Since my laptop have problem to connect with WiFi lately and I just can connect with WiFi when I am in class. Don't know why I can't connect with it when at hostel. Did someone curse my Kyohei? LOL.

Refer to my status above, how to pronounce that B.U.S.Y? Yes. Busy. One assignment left and I will be free for a while. But someone will be very very busy soon. Less communication. Gonna miss you. Anyway, good luck and do take care..! Can't say much because I am not really a good blogger XD [Yue admit it..!]

A friend suggest me to be in BEBO. Still thinking because have so many social network and most of my network friends so busy lately, I think I will do that later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I never knew it will be so challenging like this. Distance. So far, yet still feel close. I wonder how long it will be. But still, I believe every thing happen with reason. I love my oji-sama