Thursday, September 15, 2011

spell B.U.S.Y

74% of me? LOL

I am updating my blog with WiFi..! Since my laptop have problem to connect with WiFi lately and I just can connect with WiFi when I am in class. Don't know why I can't connect with it when at hostel. Did someone curse my Kyohei? LOL.

Refer to my status above, how to pronounce that B.U.S.Y? Yes. Busy. One assignment left and I will be free for a while. But someone will be very very busy soon. Less communication. Gonna miss you. Anyway, good luck and do take care..! Can't say much because I am not really a good blogger XD [Yue admit it..!]

A friend suggest me to be in BEBO. Still thinking because have so many social network and most of my network friends so busy lately, I think I will do that later.


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