Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sometimes the people who don't talk to you are the ones that really want to.
 Because I don't have any plan what to do for my last mid semester break as a college student, I come up with an idea to make a mess in my own room. Look back in my box where I put all my old stuff there and I found my Diary..! Do you ever have a  diary too? I bet all of us have our own diary right? Diary is like a close friend that we have and who we search at the very end of the day. The one that we talk with and make a conclusion about what we been through for the whole day. Just, diary can't talk to us..! I wonder what it will say to me if it could. XD

Reading back those notes that I ever wrote at my teen, I wonder how matured I am now. Do I still be the same person who wrote those diary thing back then? The more I read, the more I miss that person. The person that I used to be. But still, I appreciate what the past me have done to the present me. Just, I felt a little bit embarrassing to read every thing back. #blushes "(  ´   ▽   `  )ノ"

Well, will read those diary for today. What for tomorrow? Still thinking v(^___^)v

Monday, May 28, 2012


Bila kita sayangkan seseorang, kita kena belajar percayakan dia - "Dibius Cinta" - Qash Irdina
 Bukan mudah tapi perlu :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 day to go

Can we just fast forward everything please? I am not ready. Physically and mentally. Both side still wandering out there somewhere. But somehow I just want everything to end soon. The end of Semester 7 for me in degree and that mean 1 Semester more before I graduate. Hope everything will going on well and smoothly. Now, let me focus to my final paper for this semester. Here's to the girls who keep a smile on even at their worst.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 Kamenashi Kazuya.........! Will be in new movie..! Looking forward for it. Gambatte ne Kazuya..! 

This is what the drama will be about. It sound interesting. I bet I should get the copy of the novel first. Wish I can get one that already being translated..! If not, mean I need a dictionary. Well, wish me luck..! <3

Monday, May 21, 2012

In love circle, we should admit that not all will wishing you live happily ever after wish. Even in fairytale they will face many kind of obstacles before can live together and get the "happily ever after" for happy ending. You will hear and found many type of stories about love in this world. Not all will have a bed of roses story. But still, we should believe that every love that we create is worth at that moment.

We should believe that, every thing in this world come in pairs. If we not success to be with the one we love at this moment, maybe he or she is not the right pair. So, don't give up because somehow, someone out there also try to find the other pair of him or her.

We should admit that, even a person is officially yours, it doesn't mean that no one will try to take that person from your side. Fight for it if that person worth it and let go if you feel both of you not supposed to be together. Letting go is not easy. But still, that how love work and that how we will have the space and opportunity to find the right one. Life is complicated yet so enjoyable.

Don't buried  love in the dark, make it shine before it sinking and will never be seen again - yue

Sunday, May 20, 2012

face the truth

Life is so challenging. Well, if we don't face any obstacles in our life, it will be so colourless. Who will agree with me that all the obstacles make your life more alive and give you courage to move on and looking forward for whatever that will happen in your life? Thank you if you agree and if not, I love to hear your opinion. Maybe because people experience different thing in life, so it will be various of opinion depend on what life we have been through.

As far that I can say, I love what already happened in my life. Maybe it not really as exciting as other people life. But still I believe what already happened make a shape to my life now and what I be right now. If you don't like who am I now, blame on my past..! [just kidding]

We should always looking for the best for our future. Gloomy day today won't indicate it should be the same tomorrow. People do come and go in our life. Memories do grow. So, why should we stay and be sorrow? Bring it on..! Take the people who want to stay at your life to the future. Have fun and face the challenge. We don't know if we can do it or not until we take a step forward.

Happy Sunday.

Yue 2012 <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yue is coming back.. la la la.. it already almost the end of May..! Where have I been? haha.. Well, maybe just not in mood to type and post anything here? Slowly my blog faded away from google search. Make it comeback..! XD

Exam..! One paper more to go and I hope I can do it well. Since I have no idea what should I read or what should I understand, I just read what I can. Do whatever I can to make me feel that I am ready to be at the exam hall. Good luck Yue.

For this past few months, feel like something is missing. I miss that missing pieces. Where should I find it? I wonder if I can put it together back so that missing pieces won't be missing pieces anymore. Well, life is complicated and we will hardly believe that we are strong enough to through every chapter. Maybe that missing pieces not a missing pieces. It just maybe we need another pieces that more fit to complete our puzzle. Then, I am looking forward for both :)