Sunday, May 20, 2012

face the truth

Life is so challenging. Well, if we don't face any obstacles in our life, it will be so colourless. Who will agree with me that all the obstacles make your life more alive and give you courage to move on and looking forward for whatever that will happen in your life? Thank you if you agree and if not, I love to hear your opinion. Maybe because people experience different thing in life, so it will be various of opinion depend on what life we have been through.

As far that I can say, I love what already happened in my life. Maybe it not really as exciting as other people life. But still I believe what already happened make a shape to my life now and what I be right now. If you don't like who am I now, blame on my past..! [just kidding]

We should always looking for the best for our future. Gloomy day today won't indicate it should be the same tomorrow. People do come and go in our life. Memories do grow. So, why should we stay and be sorrow? Bring it on..! Take the people who want to stay at your life to the future. Have fun and face the challenge. We don't know if we can do it or not until we take a step forward.

Happy Sunday.

Yue 2012 <3


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