Monday, May 21, 2012

In love circle, we should admit that not all will wishing you live happily ever after wish. Even in fairytale they will face many kind of obstacles before can live together and get the "happily ever after" for happy ending. You will hear and found many type of stories about love in this world. Not all will have a bed of roses story. But still, we should believe that every love that we create is worth at that moment.

We should believe that, every thing in this world come in pairs. If we not success to be with the one we love at this moment, maybe he or she is not the right pair. So, don't give up because somehow, someone out there also try to find the other pair of him or her.

We should admit that, even a person is officially yours, it doesn't mean that no one will try to take that person from your side. Fight for it if that person worth it and let go if you feel both of you not supposed to be together. Letting go is not easy. But still, that how love work and that how we will have the space and opportunity to find the right one. Life is complicated yet so enjoyable.

Don't buried  love in the dark, make it shine before it sinking and will never be seen again - yue


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