Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Yue In The House

Yue is coming back.. la la la.. it already almost the end of May..! Where have I been? haha.. Well, maybe just not in mood to type and post anything here? Slowly my blog faded away from google search. Make it comeback..! XD

Exam..! One paper more to go and I hope I can do it well. Since I have no idea what should I read or what should I understand, I just read what I can. Do whatever I can to make me feel that I am ready to be at the exam hall. Good luck Yue.

For this past few months, feel like something is missing. I miss that missing pieces. Where should I find it? I wonder if I can put it together back so that missing pieces won't be missing pieces anymore. Well, life is complicated and we will hardly believe that we are strong enough to through every chapter. Maybe that missing pieces not a missing pieces. It just maybe we need another pieces that more fit to complete our puzzle. Then, I am looking forward for both :)


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