Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my old friend, Diary

Sometimes the people who don't talk to you are the ones that really want to.
 Because I don't have any plan what to do for my last mid semester break as a college student, I come up with an idea to make a mess in my own room. Look back in my box where I put all my old stuff there and I found my Diary..! Do you ever have a  diary too? I bet all of us have our own diary right? Diary is like a close friend that we have and who we search at the very end of the day. The one that we talk with and make a conclusion about what we been through for the whole day. Just, diary can't talk to us..! I wonder what it will say to me if it could. XD

Reading back those notes that I ever wrote at my teen, I wonder how matured I am now. Do I still be the same person who wrote those diary thing back then? The more I read, the more I miss that person. The person that I used to be. But still, I appreciate what the past me have done to the present me. Just, I felt a little bit embarrassing to read every thing back. #blushes "(  ´   ▽   `  )ノ"

Well, will read those diary for today. What for tomorrow? Still thinking v(^___^)v


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