Thursday, September 27, 2012

Normally, people try to forget those memories that bring pain and tears to them. But somehow, some memories just not mean to be forgotten. Some people just afraid if they forgot those memories or let it faded away, the feeling will gone too. At the end, we just need to admit that there always reasons for something to happen. We maybe will not find out it now, but as we know life is a big puzzle that will never can be solve.We will eventually find the conclusion. Still, we don't know where our decision will lead us. At the mean time, just enjoy life and try not to worry too much. As always been said :"Life is too short to waste for something worthless".

Dying to know, afraid to find out.

Oh, it 27th of September. I never thought I will forgot. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wake up?

People have their own desire how to deal with thing. For me, sometime we just need to wake up and stand up. We don't know if we will have much time to enjoy every part of our life or when people beside us will be gone one day. It true that somebody will stay beside us no matter what will happen but for sure life is more challenging than that. What we can do is just be strong and believe in faith.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some said the pain that still coming back is the pain that never go away. Is it true? So, what the point of referring to heal process? Is it just a word and will only stay and remain as a word? Life always guarantee you with a new challenge. That what keep you moving on and be strong day after day. Experience always come with a price. Strong doesn't mean you need to have a muscle body. It just the way you handle your mind and emotion in matured way indicate how strong you are. So to the people out there, don't let the emotion handle you.

It raining heavily outside. Good weather for a tight sleep. Good night fella ^^
heart keeper, be safe.

Finally, I am writing back here. Kind of awkward to start writing. Maybe I should say thank you to Jin Akanishi and Kuroki Meisa. Haven't heard from them since February after their marriage. By the way, just heard about Jin Akanishi and Kuroki Meisa happy news. Omedetou ne. Now, you become daddy already. Be good one ne bro. I hope akachan will be fine too.

I know Jin Akanishi for almost 5 years already if I not mistaken. He is very talented person yet have a big dream about his career. To see his achievement at LA, I am proud to be one of his fan. For Kuroki Meisa, I think  I start to know her when she act with Kamenashi Kazuya in One Pound No Fukuin drama.  Wish both of you happily ever after.  ^^

*hugs n kisses for baby v(^____^)v

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank you for the birthday wishes and birthday party. I can't say much. Just glad to have all of you as my friend. Hope our friendship will be forever :)