Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally, I am writing back here. Kind of awkward to start writing. Maybe I should say thank you to Jin Akanishi and Kuroki Meisa. Haven't heard from them since February after their marriage. By the way, just heard about Jin Akanishi and Kuroki Meisa happy news. Omedetou ne. Now, you become daddy already. Be good one ne bro. I hope akachan will be fine too.

I know Jin Akanishi for almost 5 years already if I not mistaken. He is very talented person yet have a big dream about his career. To see his achievement at LA, I am proud to be one of his fan. For Kuroki Meisa, I think  I start to know her when she act with Kamenashi Kazuya in One Pound No Fukuin drama.  Wish both of you happily ever after.  ^^

*hugs n kisses for baby v(^____^)v


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