Monday, October 22, 2012

fly to Japan

Let fly fly to Japan and meet Kamenashi Kazuya..!! Kyaaa..! Hontou ni tanoshikata. Since my laptop can't even type in other languages instead the roman, so I just use pronunciation.  So Yue, when will you master and improve your Japanese if you keep using that style only? milkysmile

wakaranai na. 

Actually that is not the main reason to type and post here XD 

I got headache + Flu + Sneezing milkysmile

I don't know if I can concentrate on my revision. Tomorrow gonna have KISSM exam and I just preparing myself less than 2 days. Need to read bunch of notes and lika-a-law book. Well, we can call that book as a law book. Hope I can stay up and read it all. Dear body + mind + heart, please be good to me milkysmile


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