Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 November 2012. Finally, 1 month before another new year come. Is it alright for me to sum up every thing right now? Well, maybe it still too early for that. Many thing can happen even just in a day. So, I still have another more than 30 day to come up with any unexpected thing or the expected one?

2012 surely be one of memorable year for me. Too many things happen and I can't even speak up every detail here. I just hope one day if I read whatever I type now 10 or 20 years later, I still be able to remember what exactly I am talking about. I do hope I still can remember every detail of every story that ever happen in 2012. Hope will make us alive and I think there is nothing wrong with keep hoping.

November, it surely not feel the same as last year or another year. It will bring a lot of thing that I will treasure. Final year as a student here and also final year to feel the school holiday as a student. I surely will miss this and hopefully I will be able to feel the excitement even when I already have job later. So, I will feel forever young and we should be forever young right? So we can always keep moving on and not stuck in a destination only.

Dear memories, don't keep remain silent. Just come back whenever you think I need you. When I feel alone or when I feel down. Just feel free to come because somehow I think I need you at that moment. So, please stay alive even the times passing by. - yue 1 November 2012


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