Thursday, December 27, 2012

If I have the guts, I really want to write a long story about it. A very long like an explanation plus expository writing skills. But I do have this I-should-keep-this-just-for-myself attitude and really that make me as mysterious and unexpected girl.

27th really have a close relationship with me for a while. Keep counting and waiting. All the gloomy day and all the happy moment was related to 27th. It been a while and sometime I even forgot that 27th is around the corner or the date is finally there. And yeah, sometime I felt a good achievement if I am not feel too attach with 27th anymore. Just somehow wanna buried everything deep down somewhere. But that is still an impossible mission.

I just want to break the shell and come out from it.

To someone,
Happy 2 years of friendship. I wish you were here.


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