Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do you ever try to ignore some question just because you:
1. Don't want to think about it.
2. Don't want to explain about it
3. Don't have answer for it.
4. Don't know what the best answer you can give.

Yes. I bet most of all always be in that kind of situation. Somehow I don't like it. Especially if it related to privacy thing. I never really talk about my private life openly. So, some situation just make me feel uncomfortable. Giving uncertain answer just will make people try to dig more and more. It just I wish I don't need to talk about personal thing. Well, I am not an anti social type. I do like have fun with friends and do some crazy stuff. But still every people have this level where they call as "comfort zone" that you can't easily break in and steal every thing. And I think I have this big wall of comfort zone which only me know what happen and what actually I am doing or understand why I did this or that. But I do have friends that I can count on to give me hint and sign about what to do without they realizing it. Just, I know that I have stubborn heart.

It hard to give answer when you still not sure about it. It even getting harder when you actually try not to think about it.

Yue 2012


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