Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beating strong
But still
It is the fragile one
Once broken
No one really know how long it take
For the wound to heal
For the scar to disappear

Sharing the happiness and sadness
No matter what we feel
It will give us an unexplainable feeling

The one that last more longer
The prove people still at least can survive

And heart
No matter how long it take
Or how far the journey will be
It will beating and beating
To say that you still alive
And you should keep moving on

And yeah
That is when you touch a heart

yue 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some people tried their hard to stay in our life. No matter how hard the circumstances will be, they will try hard to be by your side. Or at least be in your life path. But, some people will tried their hard to stay away from your life. Even you really want them to stay and really wish they will, but we can't force people to stay. What the point to stay if all what you will get is just hurt and pain? Sometime live without someone that you think you can't live without will teach you an important lesson in life. That some people not remain to stay in your life and some time you just need to let them be like that rather than try hard to understand why. Finding answer sometime not a closure that we need. We can't force ourselves to accept the fact as soon as tomorrow when it happened just like yesterday. We learn to be who we are today not in a second, it took years to build up who we are today. So, let just be patience and if we ever did something stupid while we are in our way to live without someone that we think really precious for us, think again, the one that you loved will not let you do something stupid and embarrassed yourself alone. One day you will learn that they are just nothing but a lesson :)

"When you come a bit closer in someone life and they open the door for you to enter it, cherish the moment because sometime without any hint they will suddenly close the door and you will never ever can come in again even you already tried hard to do so. Life is just not as easy as it may seem. The upside down will make you be more close to yourself. Believe me, we are survival. And we should be one. "

yue ms 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Dalam segala hal yang kita lakukan, istiqamah itu penting. Istiqamah perlu ada sebelum bergantung kepada tawakal. Setelah berusaha sedaya upaya namun apa yang kita ingini tidak kita perolehi, janganlah berputus asa. Redha setelah istiqamah dan istiqamah lagi agar kita mampu berbahagia dengan apa yang kita ada tanpa perlu memilih apa yang mungkin tidak kita perlukan. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Aku mahu istiqamah itu berikan aku ketenangan dan keyakinan. Insya Allah :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kadang-kadang ada perkara yang sukar untuk dilepaskan biarpun ianya menyakitkan.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Online Gamerz?

I love playing PC game. I really do. I love to play online game too. But, for few months I retired. Not because it not interesting anymore. It just because you can't play well if your connection not good. So I decided to stop and play offline game. It still fun and you can play all over again to get a better result. Well, online or offline games both are interesting. People may said that you just wasting your time. Well, it depend on the person itself. We do always heard or read the news about how the person who addicted to the games, both online and offline games, show how badly it affected their life and the person around them. So, for me it depend on how you manage your time and how you set your priority based on time.

For the gamers..! Play safe and have fun :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Currently listening to this song.

Monday, January 7, 2013


One day, I want to live in four season country. Not for forever because forever is too long. Maybe for just a few years? Well, even if will not come true but hope and dream will keep you alive right? And it will help you to have a to-do-list for future. Perhaps one day I will really put it on my to-do-list for real and for a good reason too. Oh snow, let you be the crystal glow.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remember me?

" Remember me?"

For months, that question wandering around my head. Keep questioning myself if you still remember me. I wonder. I want to ask but I am afraid what will I get as answer in return. Sacrifice a lot of free time just to think about it. When action speak louder than word and even I tried hard to say never mind, it still the thing that I really want to know. If in your busy day, free day, spend time with friends and the one you love, talking and chatting to others that related to us before, seeing my status, pictures and messages, what you feel. Are you still remember me as I am before? Or here I am faded away like a dust in the air. Wonder.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pelangi 7 Warna

Pelangi itu ada di mana-mana dan kadangkala ia muncul tanpa disangka. Lewat hari itu pelangi yang muncul seketika pasti akan diingat dan dinanti kemunculannya.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ada sebab orang yang pernah rapat dengan kamu menjauhkan diri. Dia ada di depan mata tapi tiada kata. Ada sebab juga untuk kamu mengerti bahawa bukan semua perkara akan ada jawapannya. Dia menyimpan jawapan itu pada tingkah dan lakunya, pada tutur dan katanya. Dan itulah kata yang tidak terungkap dan kamu hanya perlu mengerti dari kejauhan yang kamu pada dirinya tidak seperti dulu lagi.

Rasa itu mati. Hati itu separuh pergi. Bertahan.

 Even you tried hard to stay in people live. Sometime they just don't need you anymore. You just another visitor that they hope will just come and go. They do know you before but then they choose you should just be an outsider or just be a stranger again. Back to the square one. Even it hurt. Even it will change your perspective about how a relationship will work. Don't let it ruin the future of relationship. But somehow, no matter what happen at past, it still will affect our future. Past is past but nobody can let go of the past. We just can move on and learn.

Have a nice day fella.

Yue 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mean to be?

One of my new year wish is try to update my blog everyday. It doesn't mean I will talk about myself and what I do every day. Just make sure I will post a thing every day. Well, today is the 3rd day of 2013 and I manage to online and post again.

First day of the taste of jobless person. As I can see I manage to adapt a little bit. It just feel like you have more holiday and more time to be at home. Finally I just feel like I am in love with holiday when every one is busy with their new schedule. Go to work, to school and so on. Perhaps this is not that bad right?

I wonder if I am ready for a job now. Yue want to have more holiday..! So-not-related-to-the-tittle

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For a few years, I am countdown the day of holiday. Take note the date of going back to school. Thinking of what will happen at the first day. Imagine how much people changing for just a few months of holiday. Thinking of what other friends do while holiday. There must be a bunch of story to tell and that "I miss you" hugs for each other. That is a few years ago. The last time I do that is last year. Now as an unemployed person that still waiting for the not-yet-sure thing, I kinda miss all of that. To know that I already done with my college is a good feeling where I know finally had come to the end and finally I will face another stage of life. Work world. I know it gonna be tough or maybe sometime it will feel like hell. I just hope I can adapt with it and fall in love with it. Surely everything that we call as student life or college life. I am gonna miss it. Even if I have chance to further study. It will not be the same anymore.

Dear friends, I hope we will stay keep in touch for hundred years <3 p="p">
Sisters are busy back to their campus and work place and here I am as jobless person that have no idea what should I do XD

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year. Always related to new resolution. I do have a new resolution. Adding to the old wishlist. I got many thing that I want to do. Well, make a wishlist and hoping is not a sin. So, the wishlist is decrease instead of decrease. Poor me.

Well, it's New Year 2013. Will have job this year and now enjoying the unemployed moment. Looking forward for new adventure. Get a driving license if can so it will be more easy for me to go anywhere instead of asking for a ride. Looking forward to meet few friends from another country and from Malaysia as well. Do I ready? I hope so.

For all, hope this new year will give you another great diary to treasure.

yue, Midnight of January 1, 2013