Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something call memories

For a few years, I am countdown the day of holiday. Take note the date of going back to school. Thinking of what will happen at the first day. Imagine how much people changing for just a few months of holiday. Thinking of what other friends do while holiday. There must be a bunch of story to tell and that "I miss you" hugs for each other. That is a few years ago. The last time I do that is last year. Now as an unemployed person that still waiting for the not-yet-sure thing, I kinda miss all of that. To know that I already done with my college is a good feeling where I know finally had come to the end and finally I will face another stage of life. Work world. I know it gonna be tough or maybe sometime it will feel like hell. I just hope I can adapt with it and fall in love with it. Surely everything that we call as student life or college life. I am gonna miss it. Even if I have chance to further study. It will not be the same anymore.

Dear friends, I hope we will stay keep in touch for hundred years <3 p="p">
Sisters are busy back to their campus and work place and here I am as jobless person that have no idea what should I do XD


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